Allen v. Farrow is Really About How Children Don’t Have Legal Rights

Our legal system treats children like we’re living in a Monty Python sketch about the Middle Ages


I hope I’m not overwhelming you with all the newsletters I’ve been churning out this week, but last night I watched the 3rd episode of the documentary Allen v. Farrow, and I have a lot of thoughts. At its core, Allen v. Farrow is about how children only have as many legal rights as the adults around them are willing to bestow. I share a lot in common with Dylan Farrow, and I should let you know in advance that this contains some upsetting details about childhood sexual abuse (CSA), so it’s completely ok if you don’t feel up to reading it, but I’ve done my best to omit gruesome details and focus predominantly on how the legal system and CPS continue to harm children on a systemic level, exacerbating the abuses that abusive adults or parents might have inflicted. …read more

You can read my piece here:

On another note, I hope that your weekend was as relaxing as possible. Mine flew by! I did get a chance to do some gardening, and somehow my kale survived the snowstorm. I’m not sure if it’s inedibly bitter now, but either way, I’m admiring its perseverance. And now I’m wondering if kale is prehistoric and whether it was eaten by dinosaurs… I don’t think that it was, but I’m very curious to research this now!