As a Homeless Teenager, I Didn’t Know That Food Was About More than Just Sustenance

How p:ear, an art program for homeless youth in Portland, Oregon saved my life


Wow. I feel tired. This has truly been one of the hardest months of my life (which is saying a lot!). I’m hoping that things will chill out after my birthday next week. Although I don’t know why there would be any correlation to things slowing down after my birthday, but here’s to hoping! We’ve all had so many tumultuous ups and downs every day of January (especially Wednesdays, am I right!). I hope that you’re remembering to take deep breaths through it all! My goal for the rest of the month is just remembering to breathe. Because breathing feels like an achievable goal.

One beautiful highlight this week was my essay about p:ear getting published. P:ear saved my life when I was a homeless teenager––I truly would not be alive today were it not for the paintbrushes, coffee, the directors’/founders’ sense of humor, and unconditional love of Portland’s art program for homeless youth.

If you’d like to read my piece about community, food, and p:ear, you can find it at The Kitchn.

I hope your weekend is safe and as relaxing as possible! Now, if only I could get Faith Hill’s hit 1999 song “Breathe” out of my head.