Kellyanne Conway and The Problem with CPS

How can we effectively reform CPS, an agency that is complicit in child abuse and endangerment?

I know that this topic sounds like an endless bummer, but I’m really hopeful that CPS reform could be popular bipartisan legislation because no one publicly supports child abuse.

I wrote about CPS reform after Kellyanne Conway posted inappropriate photos of her daughter last night on Twitter. Tweets that CPS needed to be called popped up across the timeline. But many people who barely survived their own abusive parents gently replied, explaining that it is naive to think that CPS (Child Protective Services) will investigate a powerful, wealthy white mother. Historically, poor, Black and Brown families have their children taken away for far less …read more

I should note that some of the details in my piece could be upsetting, but halfway down I’ve outlined a list of solutions for effective CPS reform in case you want to skip to that section.

You can read the full article here.